Sunday School

Begins September 17 | 9:00 a.m.

We have Sunday school classes for children, youth, and adults.

Adult Fall Classes


Pastor Ben | Room 305/307

Visions of fantastic beasts, angels with messages from God, a fiery furnace, a king being humbled, and much more are packed into this fascinating book of Daniel. Through the course of our class, we will explore the entire book, seeing how God still reigns even when his servants are in exile. As we investigate the historical setting of the book and its message, we will also see that its message is relevant to where we find ourselves in a post-Christian society.

Parenting Together

Various Speakers | Room 112

When a child is baptized here at NPC we make a vow as a church family to “undertake the responsibility of assisting these parents in the Christian nurture of their child.” What a blessing it is to get to parent together! You are invited to the “Parenting Together” class this fall: brand new parents, experienced parents, future parents, single parents, or maybe you’re not a parent but you’re mentoring someone who is. Maybe you’re a grandparent and want to encourage your children as they make their journey as parents. Whatever your parenting status is, we invite you to join us for 12 weeks of inspiration, motivation, and consolation. Come to be reminded that you are not alone or to remind others that they are not alone!

We will benefit from the wisdom that God has given many others as we hear from a number of different parents here at NPC who have and continue to navigate through the joys and trials of parenting. The topics will include the following items which a children’s ministry survey indicated were high priorities for families in our church: attachment theory, discipline, everyday struggles and conversations, faith formation, sibling relationships, and technology. We hope you’re able to join us.

College & Careers

Gary Laird | Room 110

Join us each week during the Sunday School hour for a time of fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. While our discussion topics vary from week to week, our central focus is always on how to faithfully live out God’s Word in today’s culture. So, whether you just graduated from high school or you just turned 29, this might be the place for you!