For Parents:

  1. Do you recognize that your child is made by God in His image and is a person of incalculable worth?
  2. Do you know that you are saved through faith in Christ, not through anything you have done or ever will do, but simply through your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ?
  3. Do you realize that this is not a saving ordinance and that your child will need to accept Christ as his/her own Savior?
  4. Do you covenant with God to give back this child to Him, so that, if He sees fit in His providence to call your child home to Himself, you will not complain against Him; or if the child grows to adulthood and is called to some form of special Christian service, you will not stand in your child’s way, but rather encourage him/her?
  5. Do you realize that this sacrament is not a matter of magic, but that in it you covenant with God to raise your child in the fear and admonition of the Lord, to pray for and with your child, to keep him/her in the house of God and with God’s people, to be faithful in your home life for Christ as you live it before your child, and to do your utmost personally to lead him/her to a saving knowledge of Christ at an early age?

For Congregation:

  • Do you as a congregation of God’s people, undertake the responsibility of assisting these parents in the Christian nurture of their child?