Michele Moir

I was raised Catholic. After college, I moved to Florida and started dating a Puerto Rican man who was an alcoholic. His brother committed his life to Christ and then focused on me. He was always telling me how wrong the Catholic Church was. He always invited me to his church, which was a Spanish-speaking church. Although I did speak Spanish, I didn’t speak well enough to listen to a pastor preach a sermon in Spanish. One day, he invited me to his church for a Christian concert, and I went. I loved it! Even though they were singing in Spanish, I felt peace. Shortly after that, things were bad in my relationship, and I went to talk to his brother. He asked me if I wanted to surrender to Jesus. So, I committed my life to Christ. Although I committed my life in 1996, when I think back on my life, I feel that God was protecting me and leading me my whole life.
All glory to God!

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