How Do I Become a Stephen Minister?

Those who wish to become a Stephen Minister must:

  • fill out the application (either electronically or print and turn it in)
  • have an interview with Stephen Leaders
  • complete the 50 hours of training over the course of about 4 months.

What Does It Look Like To Have A Care Receiver?

After training, we’ll pair you up, one Stephen Minister with one Care Receiver (men with men, women with women). You’ll meet with them once a week for about an hour. Care relationships can last between 2 months and 2 years.

What Do I Have To Know To Become A Stephen Minister?

The main qualities that we look for in Stephen Ministers are:

  • caring heart
  • listening ear
  • growing relationship with Christ
  • proven trustworthiness

We believe Christ is the cure giver, as we’re the caregivers. We:

  • don’t fix anyone
  • are NOT licensed counselors
  • are NOT spiritual directors
  • are NOT certified life coaches.
  • don’t sit across from our Care Receivers and preach to them

Stephen Ministry is mostly about:

  • listening
  • supporting
  • praying
  • encouraging
  • simply just being a trustworthy presence in the life of someone who’s hurting

How Will I Be Supported As A Stephen Minister?

Every month, we have Supervision Groups. This is a group of Stephen Ministers who get together and have facilitated discussions about their care relationships and a time to bring up challenges and issues that Stephen Ministers may be facing. Our Supervision Groups are great places of care and support for Stephen Ministers as we care for others. We’ll also include some continuing education topics during Supervision Group nights.